Hi new friend, welcome to Hedda House!

I can’t name any female Playwrights *ugh*

Do you want to read, see, study (or even) perform more quality plays written by women, but keep finding the same thing?

There simply aren’t that many female playwrights!

Beginning to think they’re like unicorns and honest politicians … Mythical?

*nods sagely* Yep, thought so.

Don’t despair. You’re in the right place, my friend.

We’ve Been Lied To!

Oh I sooo hear ya friend. That’s exactly what I thought a few years ago when I set off on a mission to discover the unicorn. And do you know what?

I did find the unicorn.

Actually not a unicorn. Hundreds of them. Lurking out there, dismissed beneath the sea of male playwrights. Some brilliant, some prolific, some downright bad. Just like the men.

And there are more just waiting for us to find them, read them, perform them and love them.

And once I’d started finding them, I wanted to share.

Female Playwrights Rock the Stage!

And that led to. Duh duh duh!

Hedda House. An initiative aimed at promoting the work of female (and female identifying) playwrights of all nationalities, races, classes, backgrounds.

I’d discovered some awe-inspiring, convention-defying and ground-breaking women writing for the stage but didn’t have anyone to share their stories with. So I hopped on Instagram (@heddahouse_) and realised I wasn’t alone.

And not only that but I realised that bringing the history of women’s writing for the stage back into the spotlight matters.

It matters because the deeper our sense of our own history the further we can propel forward.

Being able to see ourselves helps us claim our own place.

It shows us have the right to speak our stories. Since we don’t have to waste precious energy on fighting for our place we can make more, and better, art.

Knowing the past greats allows us stand on the shoulders of giants and grow faster.

So What Happens Here, Then?

This is the hub of Hedda House.

Here’s where you can find what I call MicroBiogs detailing the most important events and works in the lives of female playwrights from across time and continents.

Every month I publish at least one new biography of a female playwright who I believe deserves more attention. I try to keep them short and easy to read.

There are also articles on different aspects of women writing for the stage. And, of course, there are top ten list. Because who doesn’t love a top ten list?

As well as biographies, we have selected stand out works from each of our featured Playwrights, so you can dive right in and experience these fabulous writers for yourself.

And we have you covered in resources area too, if you to want learn more about the worlds these women lived in.

But That’s Not All

If you like what you see and want more, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Our VIP members receive a full, extended biography right into their inbox every month along with access to our exclusive library of past biographies, plus a few other surprise goodies ?

And best of all, becoming a member is free!

Who is involved?

Me. Well for now it’s only me. My name’s Alexa and I’m a cat-worshipping, book-sniffing, Bowie-loving feminist theatre nerd and appreciator-of-the-hyphen. Allergic to most of the 20th century … I think this one is gonna kill me.

Oh and I love a potato.