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Dramatic Dames: A Box of Biograplies

Dramatic Dames: a box of Hedda House extended biographies.

Dramatic Dames: A Box of Biographies is a collection of all our extended biographies of female playwrights from around the globe!

So what’s in the ‘box’?

* 16 detailed biographies of women spanning 500 years from the 1500s to the late 1900s.

* Each one also includes a portrait, selected plays that are worthy of note and further reading.

* Free ebook! ‘A Bluffer’s Guide to Female Playwrights’ is a short, 6 page pdf ebook following 1000 years of ladies writing for the stage through just six women. (Value $4.97) For more information, or to purchase separately, see below.

* Originally these were emailed to members of the HeddaMail email newsletter between 2017-2019 and are not available anywhere else online.

Lifetime access for only $10! $15 From June 1st 2020.

Want in before the price goes up in two weeks? Click the button below.


A Bluffer’s Guide to Female Playwrights

Take a gallop through one thousand years of female writers with just six women.

In this short PDF eBook you’ll find out …

  • Where it all started
  • How convents fit in
  • Why espionage plays a role
  • Plus much more

All in a few pages. The perfect quick read to help you combat the misogyny that keeps women as the writers of just 17% of produced stageplays. It’s time to get together and fix it.

Price is inclusive of VAT. So no nasty surprises when you checkout. Yay!

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